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  • Google Shopping realm now has a free rank section just like organic SEO.
  • You can mimic the fundamentals of a high performing website + do a little more and compete aggressively against them.
  • The foundations for SEO are actually quite simple! In order of importance it is
    • Multi-page website engagement
    • High effort blogging of proven high performing topics
    • Back-linking


  • When opting to start a new Google-My-Business location use a different email address as well.
  • Choosing a location to reside your business can be important. Research where your competition is, try to stay in dense areas with low competition so you can get more front page Google "real-estate".
  • Finding a neiche for GMB can help.
  • Did you know you CAN hide your location address so people don't come knocking at your location?
  • GMB wipes data weekly and its best to post articles in there DAILY.
  • It is possible to start a location in most larger city CBD's via virtual offices at affordable prices simply for the purpose of having them receive mail for you.
  • Google is a slightly secretive beast so your listing may be pulled down under suspicions that can be hard to control.
  • GMB listings that are pulled down don't impact your white/black hat SEO. You can simply open another.


  • Having an A or B option front/top/centre of your homepage can help people to be decicive and reduce your bouunce rate which harms your rank.
  • People love information in diagrams, infographics or handy tools. Find an article that did really well with traffic for a term you want and do something similar but improve on it with similar content, additional sections and easy to digest data.
  • Sell the hole not the drill. Its more than likely that people DO NOT want to click on your brand, they want to click on the reason they will buy.
  • Numbering your paragraphs like 1,2,3 or 1,2,3,4,5 can help people to decide to read it.
  • FAQ's are a great way to bulk out content and offer VALUABLE content.
  • Live chat is free to setup using Purechat and easy to operate with an app that pings your phone.
  • Don't rely on people to click your header tabs. Aim for engaging content with "cliff hanger content" so people click to see the rest.
  • You can simply add a "page turner" tab to the bottom right of every page, some people will click through nearly every page because you gave them that direction.
  • CONVERSION TRACKING: If you dont want to pay for Call Rail, making people click to see your complete phone number or email can be a great way to get SOME form of conversion data in relating to how many people manually used the phone or email. Not incredibly reliable but can be better than nothing. Keep in mind however that you have created one extra step for people which statistically means a reduction of 11% of conversions (apparently). Test if the click to reveal helps you or hinders you. (of course you can measure webmails but typically you aren't measuring when someone looks at your contact data and manual enters it elswhere. Google Ads Call Forwarding another great option which gives you a unique number on your website when people click your ad and Google offers you the data. The problme is though the number is not chosen by you and can change so anyone that saved it may try back and it doesn't work. Sort it out Google!
  • The core elements of SEO unmasked: 1. Website content and load speed. 2. Blogging 3. Backlinks
  • Go to Page Speed Insights to see how fast your page is loading on destop and mobile. This is an important metric. WordPress sites can be slow to load since they are carrying the wordpress platform behind them and it can be ecessary to keep the site simple and light. Sumo Media hard code everything so we can have tonees of media and still enjoy fast clean loads.
  • Domain Authority scale 1 bad-100 good. How good is your website.
  • Any blog will not do. You can find out what to blog about by looking at popular articles of type using ubersuggest for free.
  • For backlinks you want to be connecting with domain authority of 50+ otherwise you can be seen as having poor associations.
  • You can review how your website is performing at ubersuggest for free
  • Sky Scraping is what we call it when we look at a leading website and build something with the same structure but do more to be better.
  • Cookies and notifications can get plenty of return visitors to your site

Google Ads

  • Networks - Search partners like AOL amazon very very rare to see any conversions. Stay away.
  • Max clicks can be used for a few days while other things are being handled like conversion tracking setup but afterward you should switch to manual bidding. Don't let Google make the decisions as a rule.
  • When starting a new Google Ads campaign. Look to the Ad Groups, start lower bid - mid kw planner cost.
  • Use auction insight tab to see whats happening in comparison to your competitors.
  • When creating ads: 3 headlines, path ext, 2 descriptions.
  • H1&2 always show. D2 H3 wont.
  • In your ad copy you want: kw in ad, unique selling point, cta, keyword once in description and in ad copy as much as possible
  • Pin headlines & desc does auto split test
  • Include 1 responsive text search ad rotating in background. Special deals etc
  • Call extensions super important and call out extensions
  • Is location important? Make sure you've linked Location Extension to Google Ads via your GMB account.
  • Can setup call only ad copy where people dial you straight off the ad copy. Need position 1 to work. High cpc. People can click and back out so the value may not be there. Can work for urgent services like plumbers.
  • It can be best to start with broad match modified so your budget all gets applied to the major learning mechanism.
  • Simple things in ad copy like "free parking" to direct people to come to you or "over the phone quote" to direct them to call can make a big difference
  • Emoji's can make a huge difference to the outcome of ad copies in general and if you can get them to work on your Google Ads you could have a win with CTR. Finicky & fails usually..
  • Are you running search & display ads? Have you tried splitting them? You will get clearer data if they are split but it may work better combined.
  • A high volume of clicks in a campaign or ad group, keyword etc can consume the budget and stop your higher converting metrics from performing. Look at your search impression share vs conversions and push budget into the correct areas.
  • Googles CID Click ID feature helps stop multi click fraud and it also can be used to track a lead source to your CRM so you know what's working.
  • CID is structure something like this… CID > Website connects to CRM > Google Ads connected to CRM
  • Smart bidding CAN work very well but you want to have all your manual testing done first and then test it against that. The basic structure is Manual > Auto Cost per conversion > Auto Cost per Acquisition which is where you try to start reducing it. After all the Google A.I. can make a million decisions in a heartbeat and a lot before the user even clicks anything at all, where we as humans honestly have clunky abilities to hone our budgets.
  • Display ads are FREE branding. Its only when someone clicks on your ad that you get charged and its cents in the dollar compared to search ad clicks. Plus CTR is typically very low so you get a tonne of impressions for very little cost.
  • Branding campaigns are necessary so your competitors don't step in front and take your existing customers. It also tends to help your overall CTR which lifts the quality score on your overall account.
  • Display can be good to keep a business alive in the Google Ads space but on a micro budget.
  • Backing up your work can be a good idea because the reverse a change function doesn't always work.
  • The Avg Conv Rate 3.09% across all industries. To check your own industry Google" Wordstream average conversion rates" for a great article.
  • A neat little conversion trick is to ask your website audience "Browsing"or "Considering" "Commercial" or "Industrial" etc . You can then use the data to enhance your conversion metrics and reduce bounce.
  • In-market can do crazy good things to an account. Test it. Let's say you have a carpet cleaning service, you can advertise to people in the market for relocations.
  • Google will try to get you the higher click options before the low, so if you expand your locations you may be opening yourself up to more high click costs and less low ones.
  • Static or animated, all display ads that run on the Google Display Network must be up to 150KB or smaller. Animated or interactive ads need to be 15 seconds or shorter. You are allowed to use loops in your display ads, but the animation length cannot exceed the 15-second length mentioned before.
  • GSAP animation tool can help with your display ads.


  • Facebook partner = higher level support
  • Responsive display ads are ideal with Facebook
  • Make a look alike per ad so results are clear which audience worked for which
  • Remember a user is a real person
  • Are you trying to sell w/ ads? Should be driving traffic to website to RM or develop interest 1st
  • Big audience low budget? How well can that go? You want to go big and filter the audience into your optimum buyer types.
  • Lookalike audience copied from traffic or purchases?
  • How many times are you showing ads remarketing? Annoying?
  • Messenger bot can help sift the time wasters and return to you only quality leads
  • Time to respond is crucial. Every matter of seconds your chance of recruiting the sale drops off significantly.
  • Instant experience can do really well.
  • Funnel approach
    • 1st maybe reach based ads
    • Split test combined video and image maybe grab some low hanging fruit
    • Retargeting 1st ad clicks > Instant exp.
    • LP on facebook. FB happy
    • CTA
    • a lot of work. It does work consistently
  • History with Fb messenger highest ctr out of all of the options at 80%
  • Interact w/ FB messenger
  • Install FB live chat on website bot to website (or purechat)
  • Even if they click no I don’t need support, it's still enough to then be able to message them directly.
  • Market share is great for getting in front of people looking but if you can work out how to create more market you can have an open field


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