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Sumo Media - Terms of Service

General Agreement

Payment terms:

Developments are 70% up front and 30% on completion. Marketing services are monthly in advance.

Recurring payments:

2 weeks’ notice is required by either party to change or cancel a recurring arrangement however any agreed term must be fulfilled first, if applicable.

Late recurring payments:

Late payments may mean the work is paused which does not impact the amount owing on the account.

Late payments post 60 days:

Payments owing beyond 60 days which have endured a reasonable volume of notifications to remedy and within reasonable timeframes, will incur a $100+GST/week administrative fee.


Requests for tweaks and additions or subtractions and the like, during a projects run, that do not form part of the specification inclusions will be equated and charged according to the time required to implement them after they have been implemented on a weekly "do & charge" basis if applicable, referencing Sumo Media's standard pricing model.

"Normal" Assumption

We will build a development as per the specification, based on its functions being "normal". For example if we are building a login function it would be assumed that we will implement normal email, password, forgot password functions. "One time only" password feature or "multiple authentication" would be additional to the norm and should be mentioned in the specification. Conversely, removing the password feature on users access to a system would also be additional to the norm and should be mentioned in the specification. Anything outside the norm that is not in the specification will be likely to incur additional charges.


Once an "advanced" payment is cleared, we will commence the work associated with that payment on the date agreed in writing if the payment has been received in cleared funds prior to that date and C.O.B. or within 2 business days on projects that are already running or the following Monday on new projects or on-the-day for paid-on-time recurring payments.


Sumo Media often prefers to hard-code projects which just means that generally we don't use template builders but may if it is advantageous and the best decision for the build at our own discretion. We may well commence with a basic theme of aesthetic design as we start the build, but it might be important to note that our projects start as functional entities first, so it may not look pretty straight away. We may approach the client with a review request to get a perspective before spending time on detail so that we don't tweak the life out of the project only to hear from the client that they had other ideas. Don't feel that, if we ask you to review that it necessarily means it is our proudest work at that point, we are just taking a breath while we include you on the status and see what you offer back. Keep in mind also that fonts are subjective so if your computer doesn't have a certain font being used in the development then you may see an entirely different font which could mean the developer and the client are seeing two different things until that issue is resolved. In regard to any update, please ensure to "hard-refresh" your computer &/or use google chrome "incognito" & /or clear your cache as sometimes an update is live but your system is disallowing the update for either of those 3 reasons.


Once a project commences 100% of communications by email is preferred so that we have holistic, accurate records and can merge those records with our project management systems and share across our team without error/emission. Despite Sumo Media's preference for email communications Sumo Media phones are open at all times 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday.

Approvals / responses:

Sumo Media will hand over the files to the client after approval of satisfactory-completion / final-payment. Prior to file handover the client can test the system on our hosting. After final payment, any maintenance, tweaks, requests, fixes, changes of a finished project will incur normal charges which are billed based on time spent and Sumo Media's standard pricing at the end of each week.


Sumo Media conduct testing on our developments, in our environment and on modern browsers with modern applications. Once Sumo Media has completed its work and testing we will ask the client to test the development freely, which means to test it extensively in an extensive environment of exposure that is in the clients control, such that the client can advise to Sumo Media of any further issues which may include but are not limited to, bugs, incorrect features, issues on different devices, browsers, locations which may exist outside Sumo Media's testing environment. This client testing phase is the opportunity to have everything fine tuned, otherwise the project can have many revisions over time due to a failure to correctly test the system outside the Sumo Media environment and will incur additional fee's over-time. Get it all done as part of the development price by conducting qualified testing prior to the handover.


Sumo Media will hand over the files to the client after approval of satisfactory-completion / final-payment. Prior to file handover the client can test the system on our hosting. After final payment, any maintenance, tweaks, requests, fixes, changes of a finished project will incur normal charges which are billed based on time spent and Sumo Media's standard pricing at the end of each week.

Development Hosting:

Once the project is complete and paid Sumo Media can host the project for the client for $5+GST/week generally or we can hand over the files for the client to control the hosting elsewhere. Sumo hosting is HIGHLY recommended for software-systems as your standard website hosting may not be compatible or provide a poor environment for reliability. Sumo Media hosting is high speed, 99% up-time, secure hosting and hosting agreements renew every 3 months on the 1st of each month, paid weekly in advance. A minimum of 2 weeks advanced notice is required prior to a 3 month renewal to cancel Sumo Media hosting and at which time Sumo Media will hand over the files and allow 60 days for the files to be held by Sumo Media as backup while the client transitions to the new hosting, after which the files may not be recoverable from Sumo Media.

Mobile-App Deployment of hosting to the Google Play and Apple stores is Subject to the Google and Apple Guidelines, we cannot control them. We will submit the app for approval to the stores and the client will be responsible for the cost of any further resolve which may be required to meet the app store requirements, for example but not limited to changes to the apps privacy policy, terms, functions in the app, permission-request designs. The app stores may have subjective, or policy driven opinions on apps and we cannot control those opinions and demands.

Webapps are websites, not "mobile APPS"s and are not hosted in these stores. Web-apps could be like a normal website and hosted on normal website hosting or may have system integrations whereby "system" hosting recommendations as per the above (in this section) would apply.

3rd party products & services:

Sumo Media will buy and on charge, at cost, for minor peripheral 3rd party requirements such as security certificate renewals that we manage for the client or images or fonts as part of any "design" process; however we won't exceed $100+GST without approval and will always seek first for a free option that works just as well however the option to choose a paid version will be at Sumo Media's discretion. Sumo Media will not interfere with 3rd party costs to any platform for example and not limited to: Google Ads, LinkedIn, Instagram, app stores, reporting software, other software specific to your business or project whereby the fee's or "click-costs" for those services will be between you and that service. Sumo Media takes no responsibility for these 3rd party fee's and the accounts and monetary setup, maintenance, limitations and risk are to be managed by you the client. By engaging with Sumo Media, you agree that you are capable of managing this on a daily frequency of maintenance. Sumo Media is self-sufficient in managing its own subscriptions to the tools it uses for general purposes such as video/audio/animation/design-work-stations and our preferred, chosen and on-going marketing tools. Sumo Media reserves the right to engage any person or company in support of the services in any location globally, on terms at Sumo Media’s absolute discretion.


The customer will provide the content for inserting into projects such as images, videos or articles unless otherwise agreed. In whichever case, any required copyright compliance or licenses for design, content or integrational elements are the responsibility of the customer at all times as well as purchase costs of all content. If the Customer is unsure of the origin of certain content and it believes it to have been sourced by Sumo Media, the Customer must request clarification in writing. The Customer retains the responsibility of either clarifying the sources of content or submitting replacement content for that content which is unable to be clarified. If the customer requires a list retained and shared with the client of content which Sumo Media sources for the customer, the customer will request this in writing as a specific task designed by the customer which may incur additional charges to service. A license will never be transferred to the customer for use of any peripheral material surrounding a project such as lists, guidance content, reporting aids, integrations or tools. Content materials requiring purchase will be at additional cost to the customer unless otherwise specifically agreed in writing. Sumo Media holds copyright on the codes, design, look & feel of projects and the unrestricted right to use the codes, design, integration arrangements, look & feel of projects with multiple businesses. The client is responsible for all licensing and content such as photos, images, videos, graphics, fonts, integrations agreements, codes, written content, audio files, information, or data uploaded, collected, generated, stored, displayed, distributed, transmitted or exhibited on or in connection with your accounts websites, software or marketing channels. Upon completion and final payment cleared on a project a non-exclusive license will be granted by default to the client for use.


It is the responsibility of the customer to review any browsers performance on the project and inform Sumo Media during the development period of any issues prior to final payment. Sumo Media Pty Ltd supports the development of projects for modern browsers.


Payments & charges as noted within these terms are not refundable under any circumstances, including but not limited to the termination of this agreement for whatever reason.


Sumo Media retains the right to embed their logo/link reasonably discretely on the footer of any website or landing page they develop and for it to be retained there for the life of the website at Sumo Media’s discretion. Sumo Media may use any favourable comments from verbal or written communications between Sumo Media and the customer for its own published-testimonial purposes.


This agreement is active between the client and Sumo Media at the point the initial payment for such is transacted (the engagement). If any part of this Agreement should for any reason be unenforceable, then that part will be severed from this Agreement and will not affect the validity or enforceability of any remaining parts. Furthermore, if the customer transacts any payment on the website the client thereby agrees to a direct debit agreement, and authorise Sumo Media Pty Ltd ACN:634857006 to debit your account through the bulk electronic clearing System (BECS) on behalf of Sumo media Pty Ltd (the “Merchant”) for any amounts separately communicated to you by the merchant.

A customer that has or has not exceeded any minimum term of a recurring agreement, if applicable, is able to pause the service with 1 weeks-notice for a maximum period of 3 weeks. If a customer is non communicative in relation to reverting a service back from paused to active, the service will be cancelled at the 3 week–end and any ensuing charges will be actioned for any remaining term. The minimum terms will not be affected, reduced or changed by any inability of the customer to provide suitable information, co-operation, access or codes.

You certify that you are either an account holder or an authorised signatory on the account for whom the payment details have been entered. By engaging with this agreement, the customer hereby agrees that they have also engaged all necessary considerations and decision–making parties to ensure this is the correct decision for their requirements. You acknowledge that Sumo Media Pty Ltd will use the email address you provide as the primary method for communication. You must be 18 years or older or at least the age of majority in the jurisdiction where you reside or from which you use this Service. You agree to these terms for all future associations with Sumo Media Pty Ltd unless otherwise agreed in writing.


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