Email & SMS Integrated Messaging

Communicate With Email & SMS Integrated Messaging

Keep communications natural and professional by incorporating follow up and sales funnel messaging.

Email marketing, while not free, is a cheap and effective way of staying in touch with your previous clientele. You can also add email targeting (not spam) to your SEO arsenal and insert messages into peoples Gmail inboxes directly using Google Ads functions to facilitate it.

SMS marketing is taking a similar route these days with many businesses boasting the successes of incorporating SMS to their SEO management plan, to Re-market (Google Display, Social, Email) with that human touch. Letting people know the messages don’t happen often and they are always in line with special offers, can help to soften the blow.

  • Email Marketing & Integration
  • SMS Marketing & Integration
  • Gmail Targeting
  • G-Suite Setup
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How can Email & SMS marketing and integration improve my business?

Email Marketing & Integration

Do you need us to build an email-capture sales funnel on your website or help you to drive sales using email marketing? We can also help to setup your staff email accounts in representation of your domain or build email functions into your CRM.

SMS Marketing & Integration

SMS marketing is a speedily growing counter part to any fully fleshed marketing strategy. Need a new way to prospect? Or to remind your prospects of appointments? Or to setup auto-comms straight from your CRM to staff & clients?


Are you using email addresses within your business? Yes, using G-Mail is great! but let us help you to merge your domain with your Gmail accounts.

Mail Chimp Management

Allow us to strategise, embed & manage your Mail Chimp content from start to finish. Our Social Media experts manage these accounts for us so you know you are in good hands with content management and ability to capture interest without the prospect having searched.

We will also continuously analyse the behaviour cycles, funnel effectivity and data to ensure email content, scheduling and SEO strategic adjustments are actioned as required to take a good Email Campaign into a significant part of a well oiled multi-channel SEO machine.

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