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SEO, PPC & Social Media Management Combine For Greatness!

Low traffic or conversions? Let’s create some with Social!

Social Media marketing often out-performs Pay Per Click (PPC). The targeting is fierce, the exposure is ridiculous and the cost is still low while we wait for the world to embrace this medium with both hands and compete with the same severity as SEO & PPC.

Our Social Media platforms know what you like and do, where, when and why. Use these powerful data merchants to find your audience and from there we can even create similar audiences to join the systematic conversion journey.

Social Media can be a stand-alone marketing powerhouse for businesses where prospects need to be educated and more often a fantastic accompaniment to your SEO & Google Ads to increase the likelihood of site traffic becoming a sale.

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How Can I Be Sure That Social Media Management Will Work For My Business?

Social Connections

Are your prospects finding you via your SEO & Google Ads efforts? Maybe, if they decide they need you. Are your connections, your prospects and your potential prospects on Social Media? YES. Can you connect with them there as people? YES. Should I ignore this medium as a sales tool? MORE THAN PROBABLY NOT.

Social Media Re-Marketing

So every day 100 people come to your website thanks to your Google Ads or SEO, and of those, only 10 contact you. 90 Got away. What happened to them? Who were they? Where did they go?... We can place your specific products or services back in front of them again and create a cycle destined to capture those conversions that slipped out of your SEO grip!


A like/view/comment/share/visit/engagement = An interest = A targeting perspective. The most powerful advertising for specific targeting and pushing products and services today, is Social Media Management. It is also the best place to separate from the pack and expose your business without all the noise of your competition around you like you get with SEO & Google Ads

Facebook Marketing Management

The absolute essential in your ultimate handbook of SEO strategy is the re-marketing aspect of Facebook & often Instagram marketing management so that you are re-engaging with prospects while they have the time to browse and absorb your business’ offerings.

Another aspect is creating and running Facebook & Instagram ads in their own right. Ultimately however, having a strong Facebook homepage will give Facebook confidence to share your ads further and for less.

SEO to gather traffic can be a highly conversion-centric and cost effective strategy, since SEO is essentially free and Social Media costs less than Google Ads Search generally.

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Linked IN Marketing Management

We can use this medium similarly to Facebook with Homepage management, Ads and Re-marketing but the sentiment is very different so we must craft a new persona and the cost can often be higher due to the value of the audience.

...but here's one thing Facebook cannot do that we can for you using LinkedIn, for those in "Big Ticket" business, and that is, to target executives, GM's, CEO's directly. It's all a part of what we do to develop the ultimate SEO strategy for you.

Social Media FAQ's

Wait. How much is it to have Sumo Media manage my Social Media?

We would need to discuss your Social Media Management requirements as it may be an add-on like re-marketing to your website visitors on Facebook to an audience that has already shown intent. Or it may be a full-scale funnel that is required to educate your potential audience and filter it down into conversions. Or maybe you have a big ticket style business where you just seek those powerful contacts and relationships. Whatever the case we will review this with you, in-line with your business goals peripheral marketing requirements and budgets and map the best course of action and naturally, the best cost as well. View Pricing

Can I manage my Social Media myself?

If you are passionate about this then yes of course that could possibly be advantageous for your business since personal touches and stories sell and it beholds the very principle of social networking.Will you have the experience to navigate sales funnels effectively? It will take time to develop these skills. This learning has already been achieved by the professionals (some more than others). It's up to you if you can sacrifice the money for pro Social Media Management help and the cost in your ad-spend that could be sacrificed due to learning. It may be best to weigh it up based on how many sales you'll need to achieve to pay the pro and take the decision from there.

Is Social Media all I need to do to control the amount of business I get?

If your products and services have a wonderful point of difference, a wide audience desire yet an audience that doesn't typically go looking for your products or services, then yes Social Media could be the god send you have been seeking and you may never need any other form of marketing. Nail Social Media Management and worry more about Global scale if possible.


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