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Enjoy the calculators below! People often ask us to calculate an estimate of expected return and it can be estimated and projected but it cant be confirmed. Every business is different so calculating how they will go in a complex digital market can vary greatly even from one similar business to another similar business.

Total Backlinks FREE Clicks Last 30 Days Conversion Rate* Monthly Sales Value
FACEBOOK ADS Apparel Auto B2B Beauty Consumer Services Education Employemnt Services Finance & Insurance Fitness Health & Medical Home Improvement Industrial Services Legal Real Estate Retail Technology Travel & Hospitality
CTR 1.24% 0.80% 0.78% 1.16% 0.62% 0.73% 0.47% 0.56% 1.01% 0.70% 0.83% 0.71% 0.99% 1.59% 1.04% 0.90%
Cost Per Click $0.45 $2.24 $2.52 $1.81 $3.08 $1.06 $2.72 $3.77 $1.90 $2.93 $1.32 $2.14 $1.81 $0.70 $1.27 $0.63
Conversion Rates 4.11% 5.11% 10.63% 7.10% 9.96% 13.58% 11.73% 9.09% 14.29% 6.56% 11.00% 0.71% 10.68% 3.26% 2.31% 2.82%
Avg Cost Per Action $10.95 $43.84 $23.71 $25.49 $30.92 $7.81 $23.19 $41.47 $13.30 $44.66 $12.00 $301.41 $16.95 $21.47 $54.98 $22.34

While we offer a calculation tool to give people an idea of expected returns, especially if they already know certain metrics it may be incredibly useful However the factors impacting the differing results are broad, such as the business budget, reputation, previous levels of marketing work done, branding, point of difference, location, demographics in the location, patience, product or service focus and profitability outcome, admin flow, ability to convert leads, willingness to make personal marketing efforts, responsiveness, discount offers availed, availability and more...

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Cost Vs Return Calculators

The Google ads and Facebook data was taken from the latest Wordstream benchmarking report. Many factors can impact the validity of these figures. The calculators will provide the most realistic outcomes when inputting data that has already been confirmed by testing. The backlinks and free clicks data was taken the same way Google gets its data. We encourage calling us to get the most accurate depiction of expectations on your specific business in your specific location, we can make suggestions for testing. Note that a large part of a good marketers role is to be scientific, A/B test, analyse and enhance, repeat.


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