How Will Artificial Intelligence Affect SEO?

Current A.I. in The SEO Game

For those in the digital marketing & SEO industry, we’ve seen a lot of changes happening in the Google Ads realm with, however-many million micro processes but nonetheless rather basic artificial intelligence (“Narrow” AI) or automated processes creeping in.

This would seem like a good thing considering we are approaching a stage where machines can help us make budget decisions inside these Google Ads accounts with a lower likelihood of those budget decisions being a poor one. Fantastic. But the problem is, we still have humans initiating these developments and the “learning” element of machine learning seems to be all too real!

In relation to the AI we are experiencing in Google Ads, nobody that has A/B tested it likes it. Is it, in its inception stages, failing because the machine don’t work or because Google has designed it to be greedy? These are the details that unfortunately the world of AI is opening us up to and being more vulnerable a globe than ever before.

Let's couple this A.I. in SEO introduction with a very sharp synopsis of AI’s likelihood of progress escalation in relation to the history of man, in image format.

A.I. Lightly Explained In Terms Of Inexplicable Horror

…Hmmm, a sense of control here seems to be lacking.

Now, so far we have touched on how Google Ads A.I. can have a great and vast risk to our budget controls but the scary part is, Google Ads algorithms are only utilising 1st Stage) “Narrow” form of artificial intelligence; the most basic training wheels, calf at birth type stuff. You’d think it SHOULD be able to cope with its set of duties. It’s not even at monkey brain level yet (*although pretty quick let’s confess).

There are 2 more stages as we know it in the A.I. world that we have yet to fully encounter which are 2nd Stage.) “General” Artificial Intelligence, the level of a human so I suppose Einstein and 3rd Stage) “Super” Artificial Intelligence, sorry Einstein but this is beyond even you. (* I know right!)

My God. Please no. STOP this supersonic, uncontrollable greed-train destined for horrific levels of power-lust catastrophe. Do we need the world to spin faster? Is it not spinning fast enough? Imagine scammers & fraudsters having access to this type of power? What ARE corporations and governments gaining here? And who really wins in the end?

It seems at this point in time that we do not have the ability to control development into the unknown. Just an idea but perhaps the first Super A.I. could be built to design regulation advancements? On itself even?

To lighten the mood, here’s another infographic before we move forward into the future. And I hope that future is an A.I. that appreciates hand drawn infographics, I really do

Future A.I. in The SEO Game

Now, let’s get down to brass tacs. We can all see the way Google Ads is headed but what about SEO?

When A.I. gets its grubby little electronic mits on SEO we will need to be conscious, actually lets start being conscious of this now and preparing our businesses or clients ahead of time; we will need to be more niche focused because micro machines think in micro manners. Our research will need to be managed independently on an individual keyword level. Say good-bye to loose focused SEO, expect it to be more clinical like Google Ads.

Expect the machine to know what looks good and what doesn’t. *Does that mean I have to wear make-up???*. NO idiot! Working in your Y-Fronts is still OK but make sure your website looks nice, in fact, take a look at your top competitor in your city/country/planet and make sure you are using a similar platform and design for your website and your new God / Robot / (somehow not feeling so artificial now is it?) Intellectual-Leader will smile down upon you for it, because what you did makes sense. The structure data on your #1 competitors website was a successful formula and thus so will this be because history of similar equations tells me so.

Your new leader is classist & futuristic.

Will We Still Have Jobs As SEO Experts?

Based on the chart below, business and management positions will be gone and by best estimation anything relating to marketing button-pushing will be all but gone and only those that can incorporate other skills such as Sales or making coffee using your great great grandmothers secret formula would survive in the field.

Moving away from SEO as we know it and towards high-end video production or design, marketing integration or business process integration could be the way to continue to help businesses with expert out of the box solutions.

Think about it, there can’t be a flat non-compete in the business world and machines can’t resolve the same perfect solutions for every business. There will have to be options for decision makers and creative types to manoeuvre uniqueness in markets.

Stay creative, stay technical and definitely stay up-to date with your SEO and A.I. in general and you can certainly find a path before almost everyone else does.

I don’t know SEO folk… what do you think? Got you thinking yet? Let’s take a look at the full scale reality and deep dive into what the hell to do about it.

If I Can't Beat 'Em I'll Join 'Em... Who Do I Watch?

Well if A.I. will so rapidly develop, and since the worlds most powerful influencers of this technology will in no doubt be pursuing the fastest economic gains humanly (artificially) possible… will the best course of action be to invest in these pioneers for the new economic powers? Will it even matter if the banks collapse under the strain of a one-sided economic front? Don’t presume I have any idea… but please comment and let me know your ideas as well.

In order of appearance, I’d be watching:

  • Microsoft
  • Alphabet
  • Intel
  • Qualcomm
  • GE
  • Samsung
  • Sony
  • Apple
  • Phillips
  • Tencent
  • Alibaba
  • GM
    Emerson Electric
  • IBM
  • Honeywell
  • Siemens

Use those inner SEO researching tools of yours to stay in front of your A.I. leaders movements.

Where Should I live For SEO Now & Future Game Later?

We have found ourselves going rather deep now haven’t we?

Based on the images below; The first image covers the cities for the highest paid SEO jobs in the USA. Now I’m not suggesting USA is the only place to consider for your SEO career but I am simply highlighting that the relationship between your SEO career now and your future career once A.I. takes a large piece of your pie can quite possibly intertwine with relative ease. The areas highlighted here are also hotspots for A.I. patents in the USA. The key take-away here is to keep tied to the technology hotspots and remember to stay in front of change.

Where's The Best Infrastructure For An A.I. Future

It looks as though the current victory of A.I. readiness and performance combined would probably have to go to the U.K. at this stage; if we are to take into account the critical factors outlining the potential for future performance of: Institutional Environment, IT Maturity, IT Skill Advancement, Monetary Impact & Competitiveness in field.

A Future Where An SEO Tech Embraced A.I.

Studies have shown that as societies advance they advance exponentially. If this continues to be true then imagine what the next big advancement will be AFTER “Super” A.I. and how that may continue to raise that exponential trend.

In a way however that we can more easily understand, has the last & greatest major advancement to our societal majority, the internet, been good to you? Has it helped you in business, education, your SEO career or life in general? I’m sure we all feared the changes the internet brought, at the time that it erupted, and those that were ahead of the game reaped the rewards at all kinds of levels.

Maybe A.I. will offer even better rewards. Undoubtedly in many ways.

Be aware of the parts & cogs in this evolution and like you have always done as a successful SEO marketer, learn this new element, retain touch with tech & software advancements as they are whispered into the market, look for opportunity and stay in front of the next big change the world will see, opportunity will be thick and fast.

If you are entrepreneurial, as always, think big. I didn’t want to throw it down but to really be in front you need to be 5 years in front with significant financial backing and for that to happen or to be immersed in that environment you need to know what’s up. If you know whats up and no-one else really does, you can control the opportunities far better.

The telephone brought the “phone-book”. The internet brought the “website”. What comes next? What will A.I. change? What will people need because of that change? Can you help businesses reach their goals or become the leaders in their market using A.I.?

Unfortunately, at least for now, you may need to use your own intelligence.

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