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Sumo Media is an holistic Australian advertising firm, which means we look at advertisements for businesses as a network of possibilities rather than one platform at a time. We strive to spend first, the budget, on the advertising channel with the greatest and most immediate reward then build out on the next best aspect utilising margins from step 1 and so forth. Often the first best step is to ensure stage 1. the website is optimised for Google spiders so that the website can develop rank while stage 2. whatever it may be, is being worked; always looking for the pathway of greatest return, followed by immediacy.

What Will I Learn About Advertisement Expertise On This Page

Here you will learn the fundamentals of modern advertising and its omni-channel systemic functions and the semblance of order and steps which can be made to gradually steer your advertisements towards greater success. Also outlined are some common pitfalls to be mindful of as we break down each part of advertising into a format of simple and reasonable understanding to help people make better decisions when approaching their varied advertisement initiations including website development (often overlooked for it's critical contributions to the whole), Google Ads, SEO, Social Media, Print, branding and business integrations.

How Do I Keep Up to Date With Advertising News?

Scroll down to the footer and follow us on social media. We will keep you up to date with important news & updates relating to the fast paced and ever blooming options within the advertising world. Don't worry though, we won't bog you down with trashy updates. As an example of what you could expect from our critical advertising news feed 1. Google updates that you may need to execute on your website. 2. Did you know that Google Shopping now has an organic rank segment just like regular search, this is big news. Companies with products need to start optimising to gain free rank and get ahead of the pack. 3. A new CRM hits the market that we think is insane and going to help you get more from your advertisements? You'll hear about it.

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It can be the easiest way to spend the most money! We created this "Digital Advertising Bible" to help you to understand the full-stack of advertisement posibilities and what's important to you.

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SOFTWARE & ADVERTISING - Software developments can play a big part in helping you to uncover tools that will help you to channel your marketing efforts appropriately, quickly and at the right time. From software integrations like Call Rail, which will help you to track what actually lead to your phone call ringing, pricing calculators on your website can help your potential clients to have a great experience and to reach out with purpose, Hootsuite to help you manage all your social media research and communications in one platform. Custom software integrations can help you to integrate your website users webform submissions directly into your crm, tracking phone-call probabilities using click to reveal phone numbers tracked straight to your Google Ananlytics platform or easy to use blog tools to help you easily submit a new blog straight to your website and published live. The world is your oyster with software/marketing integrations to bring your marketing world together into a tighter unit. What are your ideas? Sumo Media can help bring them to life.
CRM INTEGRATIONS - A quality CRM, fit for your purpose, can not only help to streamline your worklife but help you to get more from the same effort. How many times have you missed an important follow up or been on the phone to a low value lead while a high value lead is on the phone to your competitor closing a deal! You can significantly improve these factors by using a CRM that helps you to manage your contacts, tasks, urgencies, and communications all in the one place. is a wonderful free CRM with a list of features as long as my rather long arm including infinite file storage, connect desktop to your mobile phone and bulk email/SMS to name a few cool features. Get excited about your business data and relationships and engage with a quality CRM to really get the systems flowing as they should in a reduced complexity environment.
ADVERTISING & COMMUNICATIONS - Communications are the foundation of every deal. Communications are the reason for customers coming back to buy again. Communications can play a large part of a customer being either satisfied or disatisfied with a service which can result in timely reviews. And having said that, communications can also be the driving force for initiating those critical positive reviews surrounding your business. Your communications system will likely form part of your CRM and bring together your general user mobile devices, emails, live chats and calls into one arena for fast, timely access everything recorded neatly in one home
GOOGLE ADVERTISING - While there is more than one search engine in the market which users are utilising to perform internet searches, focus on Google is a great place to start and there is really no need to consider anything else until the Google platforms are fully pandered to. You may get less bang for buck in the alternate search engines so don't lose focus on the big prize and stay focused on Google for now. You can gain valuable Google "real-estate" with 4 core Google advertising fields. 1. Google Search - This is where you build your website content in a manner such that Google can match your website to someones internet search, showing your website as an option for that searcher to click if they're attracted to the link description. From there you need to capture their attention and help them to click through to more options that may relate to their deeper interests so that Google can qualify you as a good resource for that type of search. It's free but there's a lot of competition so putting some big focus on some smaller keywords can be beneficial. 2. Google Ads to pay to appear on the front page of Google in an auction for space environment and 3. Google shopping which is a product based system a bit like Ebay. 4. Display marketing where you can show images of your promotions all over the internet targeting certain audiences, often the audience that already visited your website.
SOCIAL MEDIA ADS - Leaping quite far now from the Google Advertising environment is social media advertising. While the two arena's are connected in that one strategy can certainly at times offer compliment to the other, Social and Google are basically two completely separate eco-systems; thanks in part to Google's confusingly inadequate approach to take on the social media giants failed completely. So now we need to embrace Google platforms and algorithms as well as Facebook who also own Instagram and then a 3rd platform for LinkedIn for the more business savy social aspects of marketing; to put it in a nutshell that is! All of these channels can compliment each other but baby steps is key. Fit your promotions and vibe to the platforms unique over-arching feel and test to see where you get the best response and return on investment.
ADVERTISING UPDATES & NEWS - Want to get only the latest and greatest in advertising news. Follow us on social and we can keep you informed of any mind-blowing new softwares, trends, Google/Facebook/LinkedIn updates, that will help to keep you in front of the game. Advertising doesn't rest. You will need to be getting your updates from somewhere and you will need to be vigilant in actioning those updates if you can expect to compete in today's rather competent advertising top-shelf. For all the news you need and none that you don't, follow us on social and we will run something past you from time to time.
SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION - Well, SEO isn't rocket science but it isn't as easy as a lot of people think either. It does take work. Expect to spend 1 8 hr day per week for the next 6-9 months if you are intending on managing this yourself, to have a chance at front page for a few keywords that tickle your fancy. And add a coupld of months to learn, research and map things out before getting started so you don't waste an incredibly valuable set of hours doing the wrong thing vs having done it right. SEO is understanding, research for task, website structure, website success in garnering engagement moreso than your competitors and linking strategies to nurture Google's "facilitation of web-surfing" desire.
WEBSITE DESIGN - Way more important for your business performance than the average website would suggest, is your websites design for the practical foundations of your SEO future. If you are about to dive into a 5-6 page website development, you are probably about to make a wrong investment; if you are attracted to the concept of generating free, targeted traffic of ready to buy users and in droves. Maybe you don't want tonnes of traffic fair enough. If you do you want to make sure your web developer is talking at you in terms of SEO and how the website needs to be structured and which keywords to target if your website is in fact bound to "work" for all intents and purposes. A basic website should normally be about 15 pages minimum if the SEO is properly worked-in.
APPS - Everyone has app ideas and very few follow through and reap the advantages. Apps can be a fantastic way of integrating your common users into an isolated environment or tapping into a devices functions that wouldn't otherwise be possible. Commonly however "web-apps" are more the norm. Web-apps are basically websites so your users dont need to login or sign in or open something specific to use your platform, they can just go to its web address... simple! Web-apps are easier to build and require far less integration coding hours; essentially, it will work perfectly on every device without needing to go to great lengths to acheive it. Perhaps your app concept is easier than you think to develop? Ask us now, we can help with clarification around your specific concept.

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Business Integration

Australia's Advertising Experts

Is your business system married-in to your advertising system?


Business System

99% of business get the 1, 2, 3... the wrong way around. They launch into the market wanting:

  • Fast clicks
  • Optimise SEO later
  • When excess work comes in I'll worry about how to manage it.

Meanwhile, you are over spending on clicks because your landing pages arent converting, or being remembered, and don't have the respect of Google & Facebook so they are charging you twice as much as your top competitor!

Brand, Website & CRM

Sumo Media recommend developing world class branding, websites and incorporating a CRM as the utmost important aspect. the result?:

  • Memorable branding people return to
  • Free traffic & lead generation
  • Conversions not just clicks!
  • Social Shares
  • Company direction & reporting
  • Positioning for growth and dominance

A powerful website can launch into another city by adding a new page.

Cheaper Clicks

Now that you have your beautiful brand, your internal marketing & management systems, your fair share of free conversions from Google & Social Media, we can apply budget to the pay-per-click campaigns with confidence!

Google & Facebook both use"quality scores" on landing pages (websites). If your score is low you pay around double for every click.


  • Half price clicks
  • Free clicks
  • CRM lead generation & retention
  • Ability to scale
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How is your advertising 6 pack looking?

One excercise that is very easy is the phonecall for assistance to rationalise your next advertisement manouvre.

A marketing plan WITHOUT implementation of tracking is a dud

Advertising = Data Analysis

Marketing is largely analytics; if you aren't A/B testing you aren't improving.

Which advertisement types are best for me?

How do I know which of the omni-channel marketing functions are for me?

Worried you'll choose the advertiser that gets it all wrong?

Hit the nail on the head before moving forward.

Choosing an multi-channel agency can help to see more angles.

Born Unicorns

Here’s how to select your unicorn marketer and get it all right!


Finding the right marketer is tough! 100% but really only because a few big players give a bad name to many of the rest of us that toil the designs, knobs and codes all day every day. Avoid the big players, they are big because they care most for their own corporate targets. Avoid the very small as they are still learning their systems and may be stretched for applying appropriate time and energies into the right places.

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Everyone loves a specialist this is true but in today’s marketing environment it is typically NOT ideal to focus on any one sector. You need a marketing agency that has a broad vision and capabilities to match in design, PPC, SEO, Social, development & hosting. Todays market is largely managed by marketing professionals that are engaging in “omni-channel” approaches. Fall in line or fall behind.

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The truth is, marketing is generally about designing a strong base, having experienced professionals to tweak the buttons and the main thing is TESTING. Rarely will a marketer jump into a project knowing exactly what to do. The good ones don’t presume to know anything. We are essentially data analysts and we push traffic towards objectives and A/B test to see what the outcome was and if we wish to pursue that approach further or not. We wait for data and react, this is why things take time especially on small budgets.

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#1 Advertiser TIP | Our best tip in relation to advertising as a whole is to get on-board with an expert marketer, even at a small level. Open the lines of communication with a pro that can help you with those big decisions as they approach. Get advice. When that advice works, you will soon be too busy to manage any advertising yourself and you can continue your budding partnership. Ultimately, get quality advice that you trust and build the advertising journey with that team. The more you jump around the more risk you absorb. Take things step by step in a measured environment.

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